Our Team


David McMonnies

Managing Director

David is the founder of Building Code & Bushfire Hazard Solutions which was established in 1999.

He is examination qualified with The Institution of Fire Engineers to full ‘Member” level and holds a Masters Degree in Construction Management, a Graduate Diploma in Design in Bushfire Prone Areas and is a recognised FPA Australia BPAD Level 3 Accredited Practitioner.

David’s academic qualifications combined with nearly 50 years of practical fire fighting experience with NSW Rural Fire Service forms the basis of David’s extensive fire service and fire systems understanding.


Stuart McMonnies

Bushfire Manager

Stuart joined the team in 2003 and has now progressed to the position of Manager Bushfire Section. Stuart is an active member of the NSW Rural Fire Service providing over 17 years of service so far.

He has completed a Graduate Diploma in Bushfire Design Prone Areas, Certificate IV in Fire Technology and Certificate IV Business Management.

Stuart is a recognised FPA Australia BPAD Level 3 Accredited Practitioner, which enables him to provide Bushfire Attack Level Certificates for Complying Development (CDC) and deemed-to-satisfy or alternate solutions reports for Development Applications (DA).


Ian Tyerman

Bushfire Consultant

Ian joined our team in 2012 bringing with him over 30 years of NSW Rural Fire Services experience and an extensive knowledge of CAD.

He is a valued Bushfire Consultant and member of our team, who has completed the Planning for Bushfire Prone Areas short course at University of Technology Sydney. His role within our firm include undertaking site inspections and land surveys as well as the preparation of both Bush Fire and BAL Assessments. Ian’s extensive CAD knowledge also gives him the ability to produce various mapping designs/drawings pertinent to Bushfire.


Duncan Armour

Bushfire Consultant

Duncan joined our team as a Part Time Bushfire Consultant in 2003 and has extensive combined fire fighting experience with both Fire & Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service. Duncan is a valued member of our team.


Andrew Muirhead

Bushfire Consultant

Andrew is the newest member of our team, joining us in 2018. He brings with him his Civil Engineering knowledge and over 10 years of experience with the NSW Rural Fire Service. His diversity has made him fast become a key member of our team and his roles currently include his training as a Bushfire Consultant, completing his Batchelor of Civil Engineering and involve him working with our Asset Protection Zone Maintenance Team.


Katrina McMonnies

Office Administrator & Estimator

Katrina joined our team in 2005 as our Office Administrator.

She is responsible for the day to day running of the office and looks after everything from debt collection, to marketing, to project estimates, to human resources and overlooks report delivery to clients. She brought her diverse employment expertise along with additional knowledge acquired while completing Certificates II & III in Business Administration, Advanced MYOB and more recently her Diploma of Business.


Christine McMonnies

Office Administration & Accounts

Christine joined us in 2014 bringing with her sound customer liaison experience gained from an extensive retail management background. Her current roles include her undertaking a diverse number of administrative assistant duties and ensuring that all assessments are delivered to clients promptly and efficiently. Her diversity and energetic ability to take up new responsibilities has proven her to be an esteemed member of our team.