Project details



May 6, 2015

Hydro Majestic – Tourist development

The Hydro Majestic is an iconic landmark of the Blue Mountains which has significant heritage values. This site is located on top of an escarpment, spanning over a kilometre, overlooking the Megalong Valley.

The site presented unique characteristics with the significant heritage values and environmental constraints as well as being located on bushfire prone land.

The redevelopment of the Hydro Majestic involved assembling a large multi-discipline design team ensuring all of the characteristics and constraints of the site received appropriate attention.

From a bushfire safety perspective this included extensive consultation with the architects, heritage consultants and environmental experts to ensure adequate bushfire protection measures were provided and that these measures did not have an unacceptable impact on these other important matters.

The significance of this project also led to extensive pre-lodgement consultation with the NSW RFS.

Ultimately the design of the proposal was balanced and well considered and the application received approval from the various consent authorities including the NSW RFS. This can be attributed to the dedication and expertise of the entire design team.