Duncan Armour

− Certificate IV in Telecommunications
− Advanced Certificate in Applied Industrial Electronics
− Certificate II and III in Firefighting Operations

NSW Rural Fire Service Qualifications:

− Certificate of Proficiency – Village Firefighter
− Certificate of Proficiency – Basic Bush Firefighter
− Certificate of Proficiency – Senior First Aid
− Certificate of Proficiency – Urban Search & Rescue

Duncan Armour joined our team as a Part Time Bushfire Consultant in 2003 and has extensive fire
fighting experience with Fire & Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service (Village qualified) and
assists with work overflow. Duncan has completed the Fire & Rescue NSW Rescue Course and is now
Rescue qualified.

Duncan’s additional experience in telecommunications systems, cabling networks, computer
programming and systems control often adds valuable knowledge on major projects and design works.

Duncan’s role includes land surveys, preparation of bushfire reports and he also provides assistance to
the Asset Protection Zone Maintenance arm as necessary.