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Building Code & Bushfire Hazard Solutions has an ability to assist clients with the concept design of most “essential services” and in industrial applications, by interfacing production controls with fire safety systems.

Additionally, we are in a sound position to offer a Project Management or comment service for large estate clients to ensure their fire safety maintenance budget is being spent wisely and on appropriate systems something which can cause serious and ongoing financial issues at times.

Having no affiliation with any other fire safety company we can offer unbiased reporting for all clients on most fire services contracts.

Some of our services are:

  • Project Management of Essential Services contracts on behalf of clients.
  • Building fire safety inspection comments.
  • Building fire safety concept recommendations to owners, architects and builders.
  • Exit and Emergency lighting systems concept design.
  • Emergency systems and production / process system interfacing concepts.
  • Emergency power supply system’s (generators) concept design.
  • Emergency evacuation planning and staff training.
  • Preparation of all documentation required for fire safety system tendering inclusive of budget estimates for clients to measure submitting tenderer’s against.
  • Project Management / site supervision of selected fire services installations.
  • Building fire safety inspection comments, based on ‘systems maintenance’.


Client requested assistance with construction of fire rated wall to old electrical switch room. Compliance with BCA / NCC Part
Client required a fire safety report for fire rated walls and ceilings. BCA / NCC C2.7 Separation by fire walls
Review of plans and other documents and the provision of Building Code compliance reports for a major convention centre.
Client required comment and verification of required exit paths and emergency and exit lighting system within a new building.
Client required verification of external fire shutters and fire rated windows for DA approval on building set within 900mm of
Private commission to provide report and advice on full fire separation of building and balconies.